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About Us

Quick Contact

SangWin Technologies, Inc.
Phone: +1 888-726-8584
email: Info@SangWintech.com



We have created our values through our experience. Our values reflect what we do and who we are, guiding us through the clutter and shaping our future. Our values are the product of our organizational ‘DNA’ and vision - they are in fact the foundation of our future.

SangWin Technologiesis focused on providing world-class value-add IT solutions to our clients. The company operates on the belief that regardless of industry or size, customers are looking for IT solutions that are delivered at a Fixed Price, On Time, In Budget, with Defined Processes, using Performance and High Productivity.

Core values we stand for:

  • Delivery of top quality IT services
  • Strong bond with clients, vendors, consultants and employees
  • Integrity and business transparency
  • Flexible and entrepreneurial, and can therefore respond very quickly to client requests and changes in the market
  • We hold firm to our role in protecting our customer's best interests
  • Superior Technical Expertise
  • Proven Support Methodologies
  • Highly Effective Management
  • Cost Conscious Mission Accomplishment
  • Superior Value and Precision Results

The team of experienced IT professionals works closely with clients to design, develop and deploy adaptable solutions that address the unique needs of their business and industry, keeping our values as the core formula.

Vision & Mission

SangWin Technologies operates its business with a vision to be the principal IT consulting firm for global...


Our Values

We have created our values through our experience. Our values reflect what we do and who we are...


Our Differentiation

At SangWin Technologies, we are confident you will be thrilled with our level of service and the quality of...